It’s is Crucial To Define Your Vision, Mission, And Core Values!


Have you known that defining your vision, mission, and core values is really crucial?


The success stories of renowned individuals like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk demonstrate the significance of shaping personal visions early in life. In the 1980s, Jobs envisioned a world where every individual owned a personal computer, replacing typewriters with computers on every desk in the workplace. In 2004, Zuckerberg found his vision in building a community that connects people. Elon Musk’s childhood dream was to go to Mars. These visions, connected with passion and a desire to live in that picture and make positive change, have driven their self-motivation and inner strength towards significant goals.


Have you defined your own?


At PeopleWise, our mission is to make a positive impact on the community and inspire individuals to define their own visions, navigate professional journeys, and develop personal plans to achieve higher goals or contribute to creating a better world. Together, on this journey, our expertise provides guidance and processes that help you explore your innermost thoughts and feelings, imprint the value of your uniqueness and goals in mind, and empower yourself to take strong actions towards long-term goals and visions.


Vision Mission

Answer for the question: The image that you envision for yourself, the one you desire to become – how does it look? What are you doing and how do you feel? What is your purpose?

Answer for the question: How can you get there? What is your strategic plan? What makes you different from others?
Core Values Your Goals
Self-reflection and understanding of yourself. Values reflect your beliefs, priorities and determine “Who you are.” Set your SMART goals that are the objectives you want to achieve. 


Your vision encompasses the image that you envision for yourself and desire to become, including how the picture looks and what you are doing. It also includes the purpose behind your aspirations. Your mission, on the other hand, outlines how you can reach that vision and what sets you apart from others. It serves as your key action plan. Finally, your core values reflect your beliefs and priorities, and they define who you truly are.


Additionally, your vision and core values are fundamental factors that help you set SMART goals effectively. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives that you want to accomplish.


By uncovering your core values, you gain clarity and self-awareness, which becomes guiding principles for decision-making. These values ensure consistency and integrity in your actions and assist you in setting and achieving meaningful goals. The process of defining your vision, mission, and core values is an ongoing journey of self-discovery, leading to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.


Discovering Your Core Values: A Practical Guide


Step 1: Reflect on and describe your three proudest accomplishments and three most memorable moments in life. Through self-reflection and understanding your feelings associated with these experiences, identify the core values that have emerged.


Step 2: Reflect on and describe your three worst failures and three most forgettable moments in life. What core values do you realize from these experiences?


Step 3: Summarize your core values into a name, which you can refer to from a list of core values.


Step 4: Re-evaluate each core value, taking time to carefully think about and consider their significance. This process may be done individually or with a trusted friend who understands you well, providing honest and valuable feedback.


Remember that this process of defining your core values may take time and your values may evolve and adapt over time. It is important to regularly review, update, and refine your vision, mission, and core values, ideally at least once a year. As your perspective on yourself and the future changes, you can expand on your vision, mission, and core values with more details, ultimately turning them into a personal development plan.


Let’s begin planning and working towards your goals and how to achieve them, so you can lead a fulfilling and purposeful life!

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