Nurturing Yourself and Discovering a Fulfilling Path Forward


Numerous businesses in Vietnam are implementing cost-cutting measures, including salary reductions and workforce downsizing, in response to the challenging market conditions. Despite maintaining a relatively stable economic environment compared to other nations, Vietnam is currently grappling with escalating inflation and unemployment rates.


According to the General Statistics Office, the year-on-year average core inflation for the initial five months of this year surged by 4.83%. In fact, the prices of goods have surpassed this figure, posing significant challenges to individuals and families affected by job market fluctuations. In this article, we will discuss several strategies to assist you in enhancing your circumstances during these trying times…


Change your perspective


If you find yourself facing a job loss, it’s natural to question your skills and abilities. However, it’s important to recognize that the underlying issue may not be personal. Your inclusion in the list of affected employees could be a result of various factors, such as the global economic crisis impacting the company’s revenue, inadequate planning by the organization during turbulent economic times, or changes in the company’s strategic direction. These factors are beyond your control, but what you can control is your mindset.


In moments of negativity, we encourage you to engage in activities like meditation using popular mobile apps like Headspace or Calm, dedicate time to playing a sport, or listen to inspirational podcasts such as Hieu.TV, The Present Writer, or Better Version. By fostering a positive mood, you will be better equipped to focus on your job search and make informed decisions.


Make a list of your past accomplishments


Boosting your self-confidence can be achieved by documenting your past accomplishments. To effectively capture specific achievements, you can utilize the S.T.A.R method, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Follow the steps below:


Situation: Describe the context or challenge you encountered or the task you were assigned.

Task: Clearly state the goal or objective you were working towards.

Action: Detail the specific actions you took to address the situation. Focus on your personal contributions and provide sufficient information about the steps you undertook.

Result: Explain the outcome of your actions. Highlight what transpired, the accomplishments you achieved, and the valuable lessons you learned.


Recording your achievements not only enhances your confidence but also equips you with compelling stories that can be incorporated into your cover letter or effectively addressed during interviews. 


When faced with behavioral questions like “Tell me about a successful team experience,” you can leverage the S.T.A.R method outlined above to provide a structured and impactful response.





Clearly define what you need in your new job


One common mistake individuals make is rushing to secure a new job without considering its suitability after experiencing a job transition. To avoid this, it is crucial to take a moment and define the criteria that are important to you in your next employment opportunity. Here are seven suggested job selection criteria to guide you:


Knowledge Utilization: Determine the extent to which the position allows you to apply and leverage your existing knowledge.

Skill Utilization: Assess the opportunity for utilizing and developing your skills within the role.

Geographic Proximity: Consider whether the company’s location is conveniently accessible or too distant for your preferences.

Company Culture: Reflect on the people and the organization’s mission, vision, and shared core values, which are the guiding principles shaping the culture of the organization.

Salary: Take into account the salary offered for the position.

Job Value: Assess the intrinsic value and significance of the job in relation to your career aspirations.


By considering these criteria, you can make more informed decisions about the potential fit of a job opportunity and increase the likelihood of finding a position that aligns with your needs and aspirations.


Revise your resume and develop a full-time job search plan


Embarking on the journey of job hunting requires dedicating time to refine your resume and cultivate a strong professional network. When it comes to revising your resume, you can seek guidance from industry experts through online resources or consider scheduling a consultation with a career counselor for personalized advice. Additionally, we strongly recommend creating and regularly updating a comprehensive LinkedIn profile, including details of your education, work experience, and skills. This platform can serve as a valuable tool to connect with HR professionals and decision-makers in various companies.


In addition to the practical aspects of job searching, it’s essential to reflect on your vision and core values. Take some time to identify your long-term career aspirations and the values that drive you. Understanding your vision and core values will help you align your job search with positions and organizations that resonate with your goals and principles.


Approach your job search with dedication, treating it as a full-time commitment. Develop a structured daily schedule, setting specific goals such as the number of hours dedicated to job searching, the individuals you aim to connect with, or the quantity of applications you submit to companies. By establishing a routine and having clear intentions and goals each day, you’ll experience a sense of accomplishment and forward progress, even if immediate results aren’t evident.


We understand that losing your job suddenly and being unemployed can be a challenging experience. It’s crucial to maintain a positive mindset and avoid hastily applying for unsuitable positions. Take the time to prioritize your mental well-being, carefully define your job search criteria, and enhance your resume. With a proactive approach and focused effort, you will increase your chances of finding a suitable new job that aligns with your goals as soon as possible.



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