What Are The Top Skills For Fresh Graduates?


On March 18, 2023, the Representative of PeopleWise Vietnam, Ms. Huynh Thi Thanh Minh, spoke with other Representatives from various business industries and around 100 students at the University of Labor and Social Affairs about the top skills that new graduates need to prepare for. The roundtable discussion aimed to help guide graduates towards suitable career paths to unleash their full potential. Attendees included representatives from banking, real estate, food and beverage, business associations, and alumni of the University.


During the discussion, the business representatives agreed that attitude is one of the top factors that companies consider when selecting employees. In addition to professional skills, Ms. Minh highlighted the importance of equipping oneself with the ability of self learning and  self development, agility to adapt to change, critical thinking, creative and analytical skills.

The ability to self-learn and self-develop, agility to adapt to change, critical thinking, creative and analytical skills are critical for fresh graduates in all industries.


The breakthrough development of #AI has created confusion among young people, who believe that AI can replace many human jobs and lead to unemployment. However, the truth is that AI also creates many new jobs in related fields such as technology, data science, and machine learning, offsetting any potential job losses. 

AI becomes a tool to support, not fully replace human positions, due to its limited creative ability and inability to handle complex situations that require multidimensional thinking and sensitivity that humans possess.

Other concerns that students are also very interested in, such as entrepreneurial thinking, startup challenges, and working in unrelated majors after graduation, were also addressed by the business representatives.


Overall, the roundtable discussion helped raise awareness and influence the students’ mindset about equipping themselves with practical skills and knowledge, make the impact to their journey towards finding suitable careerpaths in the future.



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