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The Impact of Digitalization on Vietnam’s Job Market – Skills in High Demand
In recent years, Vietnam’s job market has experienced a significant transformation, driven by the rapid pace of digitalization. As the country continues to embrace technological advancements across...
Market & Recruitment Trends in the Digital Age
One of the most joyful and meaningful activities in PeopleWise Vietnam’s journey toward fulfilling our mission is engaging with the younger generation of talent and imparting practical market insights...
Managing Workforce Transformations: Enhance Your Business Reputation!
As the macroeconomic landscape constantly changes and business strategies undergo transformation to adapt, many CEOs find themselves faced with the daunting task of downsizing their workforce due to budget...
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The Importance of Professional Networking for Career Advancement 
  In the ever-evolving landscape of the Vietnamese job market, professional networking has emerged as a pivotal tool and increase your chance for career advancement. With a rapidly growing economy...
Global Macroeconomic Trends in 2023: Bright Spots and Challenges in Asia
Within the intricate global economic landscape of 2023, a series of unique events is unfolding. Among these, it is noteworthy that the United States’ unemployment rate has reached its lowest level...
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